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This is the wiki we use for Bureaucracksy

Tools we use:[edit]

A Mattermost instance[edit]

This is the space to meet, chat, connect.

--> Invitation to join Mattermost:


For input sessions and general meetings we use a steady BBB room, this link stays the same


If you need a sketch or scribble pad, you can create pages on the etherpad of Constant. Take care to keep track of the link:


Participants list[edit]

Sharing Ideas and process:[edit]

Note taking[edit]

A pad per day to take notes collectively.






Day after Friday:

Story ideas[edit]

Here's where we can share collective ideas for story projects to develop during the week

Daily Digest[edit]

  • Upload your materials / projects in process to this folder:

Upload Instructions:

  • Interface to digested materials of the day

(available at noon of the following day)

Shared Bureaucracktic documents + descriptions:[edit]


Tips for reading, viewing, listening:

Collaboration Guidelines[edit]

For the worksession, these guidelines apply.

if you have editorial or content suggestions for future versions, you can note them here:

Getting started[edit]

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.