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(∩ᄑ_ᄑ)⊃━☆゚*・。*・:≡( ε:) simoon proposes: bureaucracktive ouija seances ☆’゚・:*:・。'★’゚・:*:・。: ノ(>ω<ノ)==

15 min BBB sessions, held intermittently throughout Friday afternoon

Through the medium of a multi-user whiteboard drawing on BBB, conjure stories by drawing on characters that spell out our bureaucracktic concerns, desires and dreams (this will require perceivers, and receivers)

[setting up the board: 5 mins]

  • We join a breakout room/temporary room in BBB, which has an uploaded presentation of a ouija board
  • We decide who wants to transmit a message, and who wants to recieve it
    • multiple people can work together in pairs/groups simultaneously via BBB's multi-user whiteboard function
  • Each seance begins with editing the ouija board for 1 min
    • what is necessary/unnecessary to do this task?
    • do we need more, or less?

[seance begins: 10 mins]

  • Receiver(s) (see below) ask questions, or provide prompts for response (these can come from the lexicon pad)
  • Perceiver(s) interact with the whiteboard (microphone on mute); hovering, drawing
  • Receivers(s) record the messages on a pad
    • There are rules, but they may well be broken (grammar, spelling etc)
    • What is understood is what is recorded



  • asks questions, gives prompts, transcribes the messages sent by the perceiver


  • responds to questions and prompts by hovering over characters on a whiteboard ouija board